SUT Hair Transplantation

SUT hair transplantation
SUT implantation is a new method compared to other hair transplantation methods such as FIT and FUT because all implantation steps are done with automatic devices. In SUT implants, the follicles are not removed manually and transplanted, but are removed by a laser punch from the donor site, which is usually behind you, and then frozen and finally transferred to the bald areas of the head. Due to the freezing of hair follicles, they remain healthy until they are implanted.

In the SUT method, due to the presence of punching and freezing system, a very small percentage of hair roots are lost during implantation.
The SUT method uses local anesthesia.

In this method, surgery is not performed.

This method is almost like the FIT method, meaning that only the hair follicles are moved, but the use of new tools and new technology has made this technique different.