FIT Hair Transplantation

FIT hair transplantation
One of the least invasive methods of hair transplantation with the least amount of pain and bleeding is FIT hair transplantation. This method has a very short recovery period and the client can immediately return to normal life.

Applicants for hair transplants are first consulted by a doctor and then tested. The treatment method of the applicant is determined according to the pattern of hair loss, which can be medical or surgical.

Steps of hair transplantation:
- Patient referral to medical centers

Free consultation by the relevant doctor

Perform the required tests

- Line growth design

- Photography

Extraction of follicular units from donor areas

-Preparation and maintenance of follicular units


Implantation of follicular units

- Receiving medicine

Follow medical advice

Patient referral to a medical center

First, a file is created for you in the medical center and your information is recorded. Then, you are consulted by the relevant doctor and you discuss your requests and goals with the doctor. The doctor informs you about the details of the work, cost, time required and other items. . Then the hair transplant is registered for you and you go to the laboratory to perform the necessary tests.

Perform the required tests

Depending on your treatment history, tests may be considered for you. It is best to go to the lab two to three days before the operation while you are fasting. This test, which is usually a blood test, is necessary for hair transplants. Without it, hair transplantation will not be done for you at all.

Growth line design

 It is designed according to the opinion of the patient and the doctor. The doctor designs a preliminary design with a special magic on the head, taking into account the patient's hair bank and the amount of baldness on the head. Hair transplantation is done according to these lines that act as a pattern. At this stage, if necessary, the hair of the donor areas is shaved.


Photographs are taken from different angles of the head for recording in the patient file and final comparison. These photos are taken by the staff of the medical centers with the camera of the collection.

Extraction of follicular units from donor areas

The donor area or bank is the area from which the hairs needed for implantation are removed and donated to the bald areas of the head. This area is anesthetized by local anesthesia and the required follicles are removed.

Hair follicles are extracted by a tool called a punch. The number of follicular units extracted in one session, depending on the patient's hair density, is about 1,500 to 2,500 follicular units, which corresponds to about 4,000 to 8,000 hairs. This amount can vary depending on the density in the donor area.

-Preparation and maintenance of follicular units

After extraction, the follicular units are placed in a suitable storage solution. Preparation and maintenance of follicular units is one of the most important reasons for successful hair transplantation.


The hair transplant process usually takes place from 8 am to 3 pm. After the harvest, the patient has the opportunity to rest and have a light meal.

Implantation of follicular units

At this stage, the removed follicular units are implanted in the bald areas of the head that have been anesthetized using local anesthesia. Then your head is closed using a bandage and you go home until the next stage of implantation.

This method takes 3 to 5 days. At each session, a certain number of hair follicles are implanted for you and then the implant site is bandaged.

FIT hair transplantation is useful for those who have stiff and inflexible scalp.

FIT hair transplant defects
Implantation time in this method is longer than FUT method and requires more sessions. In this method, it is necessary to cut the hair on the side and back of the head.