Nano Fat

Nano-fat injection is a very successful way to replace the lost facial volume caused by aging. It is applied under the eyes, cheeks, forehead, chin and other parts of the face and gives you a very natural and youthful appearance.

What is a nanoparticle bond?

Nano-fat transplantation, also called "nano-fat injection", is a special method of fat transfer in which fat tissue removed from an area rich in adipose tissue is used by microinjection method for injection in the relevant area.

Adipose tissue and the components obtained from this process are rich in stem cells. It also contains components that heal wounds and repair tissue.

What is the difference between fat fillers and nano-fat injections?

The main difference between liposuction using liposuction and injection of liposuction is the fact that the fat transferred in the nanoparticle graft is first centrifuged under sterile conditions to thin and filter the fat.

Why use nano-fat grafts?

Nano-fat injection is an application that aims to achieve skin rejuvenation, post-laser recovery and reduction of fine lines and has very effective results, especially on the face.

Nano-fat transplant in the area under the eye

Nano-fat injection is one of the most preferred methods in patients with dull skin under the eyes.

In what areas can nano-fat injection be applied?

Nano-fat injections can be applied to any area of ​​the skin that appears to have reduced skin quality, wrinkles, thin and damaged, and blemishes.

Nano-fat is a type of fat very rich in stem cells and its main task is to repair and regenerate tissue.

It can be used in all areas that need to increase the quality and improvement of the skin, especially in the area under the eyes, face, neck and hands.

Nano-fat injection can be used primarily for the following:

Dark circles under the eyes

Fine lines around the eyes

Collapsed areas all over the face

Fine wrinkles around the mouth

Delicate wrinkles on the neck