In Body (body composition analyzer)


Fitness is much more than both height and weight. Measuring with meters and scales is something that does not take into account muscle BMI. So, what is the best way to measure?

We want to introduce InBody to you.

This device controls your weight, muscle, fat and body water in just 45 seconds. It then parses the data for you into a hard copy and can even chart your progress over time. Sometimes, your actual weight does not change even as you get fitter because you are gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time. With InBody, you can finally see this progress.

With this device, not only will you see your weight, but you will also realize how much of it is muscle, fat or water. Paying attention to your body fat percentage is a great and healthy way to track your progress on your health and fitness journey. It also divides the percentage of your muscles into different parts of the body and shows you what parts you want to work on.

Scanning is very easy. Take off your shoes and socks. Then, stand on the scanner platform and hold the handles. Your device instructs you on what to do.